Engaged Students Are Happy Students

Multiple Passions

Create meters for different dimensions of your students' campus life!
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Spiritual Life

It’s more than just chapel. Capture and enhance students’ transformation stories as they are being written.

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Community Service

Tired of all that paperwork? Looking for an app that your student’s will love? You’re at the right place.

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Sports Loyalty

Incentivize your fans and reward them for their loyalty.

Our Product

Mobile App + Management Dashboard

All of Altimeter’s solutions offer an attractive, customizable app that allows your users to easily search for and find events; check-in to events using powerful, GPS-based technology; monitor their progress in real-time as they strive to reach goals. All of this functionality and more is simply managed using Altimeter’s administrative software. The intuitive interface gives you the ability to set goals for your users to pursue; monitor the progress of individual users and groups from anywhere at anytime; and collect invaluable data on your users that can be accessed using robust reporting tools.

Meet our founders

Our team genuinely cares about helping your students achieve their goals. We'd love to meet you.

Russ McGuire

Co-Founder/Acting CEO

Austin McRay

Co-Founder/Sales & Marketing

Summer Lashley

Co-Founder/Strategic Advisor